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One of the up sides about being in Bali is that I can take some time out from setting up our new office and help out my home girl Lara Hotz when she needs a helping hand in shooting a wedding, and when it’s at Samara villa in Uluwatu, I don’t need much convincing 🙂

View ocean in Bali near Tamarama Villa Wedding Go Green with tree tamarama villa good for outdoor wedding in BaliLuxury tamarama sign is a romantic place for the wedding in Bali indonesiaFish tamarama at the villa in their wedding place in BaliLuxury Pool in uluwatu tamarama wedding area in BaliWedding ring and an elephant statue  at tamarama in Bali Picture of the bride wedding Executive dress in bali Picture of the bride wedding shoes  in Tamarama in Bali Picture of the invetation wedding and a good View of the samara best area for wedding in BaliSpecial suit for the groom in his wedding in baliViP room for the groom to celebrate his wedding in Samara BaliWedding area with green trees in samara baliopen space wedding place ocean and flowers in tamarama Bali Outdoor wedding ceremony area in BaliAlly way of samara villa in BaliServe by professional service for the  wedding reception at samara villa in BaliGroom and Guest are waiting for the bride to come to the wedding ceremony in BaliFather of the bride take her to the wedding ceremony in Samara BaliWedding ceremony in samara BaliBride and groom kissing in wedding ceremony Bali
Wedding certificate in BaliThe Couple are happy under the flower wedding rain BaliFamily congrats the bride and groom in the wedding at samara villa BaliPeople say congrats to the bride at wedding ceremony  Bali IndonesiaSpecial bartender for wedding reception event at  Uluwatu  in BaliFood at wedding Samara in BaliBali culture swimming pool for the wedding party in uluwatu BaliBeautiful flower garden special for the wedding event in Bali IndonesiaBeautiful banana leafs shape like fan were the bride and groom make special picture for their wedding in BaliRomantic couple at the wedding event in Bali Picture of the bride and groom portrait wedding in BaliOriginal style where bride and groom  meet each other at Samara for wedding in Bali Beautiful couple getting married in tamarama villa wedding baliRomantic event place for wedding in uluwatu samara villa BaliWalls made of rocks and traditional statue make the tamarama villa look great  for wedding party event view of the clouds in the sky at samara bali where the wedding is heldmenu details in samara bali for the wedding Chairs and table set up in tamarama villa for the wedding in BaliThe bride and groom under the beautiful chandelier at the wedding event in BaliRomantic area for the wedding  with a love sign with the bride and groom in tamarama villa BaliBeautiful night at the the wedding with green coccounut trees and  colourful lights at the  reception in samara villa BaliDj busy intertain guest  at the  wedding in bali The groom dancing with joy at his wedding reception in Baliguests and friends  dancing till the enjoying the wedding party at tamarama villa wedding reception in baliguest celebrate and take picture by cellphone at the wedding reception in balibride and groom dancing in the light to celebrate their wedding in balicouple dancing enjoying the wedding in samara in Bali Couples dancing  at the wedding reception in BaliFriends also attend at the wedding to celebrate new couple in baliguest has  a special dancing style at the wedding reception in bali Guest are dancing in the light at the wedding reception in BaliRomantic music bride and groom dancing at the wedding reception samara villa bali Indonesiahanging Chandilar  at samara for the wedding reception in BaliBeautiful night with lights at the Wedding reception in samara Tamarama Villa Bali

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